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Why go with Tiger.Trade

A uniquely versatile tool
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The Tiger.Trade terminal was developed in Switzerland and has been a success among advanced traders for 7 years. It is no brokerage platform but a "Swiss knife" for crypto- and stock exchanges trading.
  • Testing strategies on historical market data
  • Connectivity to 10 crypto and 7 stock exchanges
  • More than 30 tools for analysis and scalping
№ 1 choice for 35 000 professional traders

We work with the world's top exchanges

What will I get
as a Tiger.Trade affiliate?

Take advantage of one of the best offers in the fintech-niche Become an affiliate
  1. 01
    Up to $20 payout
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    Direct more traders and get higher rates and bonuses.
  2. 02
    Direct advertiser
    We offer an original high-quality product, which is extremely popular among the engaged audience of pro-traders.
  3. 03
    Whitehat offer
    No bans and no forwarding sites. Legal placement in all ad networks.
  4. 04
    Supporting bloggers
    Bloggers in the trading and investment niche get free access to the terminal.
  5. 05
    Help with the launch
    We provide our partners with everything they might need for a high conversion rate: bundles, creatives, bonus codes and more.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join your affiliate program if I don't have a website?
You can direct traders from whichever source of traffic is available to you. If you don't have a website, you can buy in-app ad space, you can share a review with a link on YouTube, in your Telegram channel or any other public platform.
Can I direct traffic from Facebook or Google Ads?
Yes, we accept traffic from all ad networks. Moreover, since we have a whitehat offer, you can work with Facebook and Google Ads at no risk to your account. The only limitation we have is that we prohibit brand context ads.
Which countries can I direct traffic from?
We accept traffic from all countries. That being said, we can not guarantee high conversion rates in all geos. To find out which countries work best for our offer, please contact our affiliate manager.
Do you have a referral program for partners?
Yes, we do. You can direct not only traders but potential affiliate partners as well. You'll get 5% of the earnings of your referrie.
What do I need to start working with you?
To start directing traffic you need to first leave a request for an affiliate offer via one of our chat-bots. Soon after you'll receive your affiliate link and you'll be all set to go.