Affiliate program Tiger.Trade


Tiger.Trade is an innovative trading terminal with an optimal combination of functionality and ease of use. Its flexible workspace and clear visualisation of market data allow you to make trading as comfortable and efficient as possible. More than 20 exchanges are available for connection, allowing for trading on the cryptocurrency exchanges (free licence), as well as stock exchanges and Forex (paid licence).

Target audience

The majority of our clients are men between the ages of 25 and 44.
Their interests include cryptocurrencies, trading, scalping, programming, investments.


We accept traffic from all countries. To get a list of current top countries, contact your personal manager via chatbot or email.


There are 2 payment models in our affiliate program:

  • We pay a $20 CPA for every active trader who uses a free licence to trade on crypto exchanges.
  • We pay a RevShare of 20% for the purchase of a full licence.

Both types of payments are available in one offer. You can attract different traders using the same affiliate link. With high quality traffic volumes, we can provide you with individual conditions.


The hold in our affiliate program is 30 days. After that, you can request a withdrawal of the funds you have earned.

Test limit

CAP is 30 first registrations.


The manager will provide you with a manual for making text and visual creatives. All creatives must be approved by us before publication. We’ll be happy to develop custom creatives and landing pages for partners that provide us with large volumes of quality traffic.

Prohibited traffic types and advertising practices:

1. Contextual advertising using a brand name or any misspelled or similar-sounding words is prohibited;
2. Any type of motivated traffic;
3. Spamming without consent of the recipient is strictly prohibited;
4. Buying a licence or trading crypto for yourself or your relatives through your own affiliate link is prohibited;
5. Using false or misleading information in advertising materials. The user must understand where he is going and what type of services our brand provides;
6. Placing ads on sites with inappropriate content (pornographic, racist, offensive materials);
7. Using any kind of malicious software (spreading viruses, ad spoofing, cookie-stuffing, etc.);
8. Domain squatting. It is forbidden to use domains with a misspelled brand name or with a change of 1-2 letters; it is forbidden to purchase domains with the brand name in other zones.
9. Using bots or buying fake traffic is strictly prohibited;
10. Domain spoofing is prohibited.

How to register in the affiliate program

To register in the affiliate program, use our chatbot in a messenger most convenient for you:


You can also contact the affiliate program manager by email: